Monday, August 28, 2006

Hewn & Hammered

I recently discovered this Flickr Group and it brought back many good memories of the Craftsman movement in the United States. In many ways the Arts & Crafts movement may have started in the UK but it really flourished in America. And still does.

Houston, Texas, may not be renowned for Arts & Craft architecture but in fact there are large swathes of Craftsman style home built in the 1910s through the 1930s in areas like Montrose. Such developments suffered from inner city neglect and many fine homes have been "scraped" by hungry developers. But, interestingly, many have been saved and lovingly restored. And to assist in the process there are several firms dedicated to providing original and replica pieces of furniture and the all important interior design motifs that make the Craftsman style what it is.

My challenge is now to add to the Hewn & Hammered group with examples from Chipping Campden and Broadway, two of the original Arts and Crafts centers during the late 19th (Broadway) and early 20th (Campden) Centuries.