Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Passenger Profiling

Seems that a lot of politicians have a problem with the concept of passenger profiling. This BBC report has some of the background. Personally, I quite understand the implications of passenger profiling. Suppose, for example that I frequently fly to and from Iran on business. Wouldn't it be fairly obvious that I could be more of a security risk than someone who takes an annual holiday to Spain and two weekend breaks a year to France? The whole point is that I could be more of a risk and therefore I should be subject to more scrutiny than most. If my business in Iran is legitimate, then why would I be worried about additional security screening?

But we live in a politically correct age where it is more important to be "nice" to people than worry about whether or not they are more likely to be a terrorist. Let's face it, the only people I am aware of in recent years who have strapped explosives to themselves with the intent to kill others are fanatical Muslims. I am not aware of any other social or racial group that does this. I am sorry that this implies that a lot of innocent people will be screened that "look like Islamic fascists" but if that is what will keep our skies safe and at the same time minimize the disruption to society, then that is what has to happen. Remember, if our society is disrupted, then the terror-mongers have won.