Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Downloading and Viewing an iTunes movie

Now that iTunes have full feature movies available to buy (or is it license?) and view, I thought I would try it out. Not that there is much of a selection at the moment but if you like Disney movies. . . .

I selected the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Downloading was an interesting experience. Late evening Europe time is late afternoon in the US so the system seemed to be running very slowly and even timed out several times. So at midnight GMT I paused the download and restarted it at 7 a.m. this morning. With most people fast asleep across the Atlantic the feed was much more rapid. In fact I would guess it was faster than the movie's run time. Which is an interesting point. Broadband may be capable of supplying a movie feed in real time but not if the system is overloaded.

The quality of the movie is excellent on my computer screen (I watched the movie in full screen letterbox mode. The movie comes as it is, no additional tracks, no trailers for other movies, etc. Which I appreciate. There are chapters just like on a DVD (this is a new feature of QuickTime 7.1 I think. And the on screen controls are easy to operate with a mouse.

I am going to have to try it on a larger screen or projector system because this would be the real test.

As to the movie. It cost $9.99 plus sales tax which is cheaper than buying it at this time on Amazon.com. for $13.99. I do have to burn a back DVD so that will be a small extra price to pay. And I am not sure if I can then play this DVD file on another computer. This will need some research to see if there is a way round the DRM. I am not trying to do anything illegal here, by the way, but I do want to know if I can easily play the movie on another computer for my benefit when somewhere other than at home.