Saturday, September 02, 2006

Geotagging Flickr with Google

A relatively new twist on Flickr is the ability to easily geotag the location of a photograph using Google Maps. This in itself is useful and fun but there is also the intrigue that two companies, Google and Yahoo, who compete in so many areas, can be united by a simple application created by a smart individual.

To add this Javascript plug-in to Flickr, simply go here and follow the instructions. At the same time you will get (if you want) all the background and explanation as to what is going on. You will also get to know the clever individual aemkei who did all this.

So far I have geotagged four of the five photos in the Arts & Crafts set. More will come but it's going take a long time to catch up the backlog, particularly as I am very busy just now.