Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Chronicle and Zune

The final paragraph of what seems to be a fair, balanced review:

Sorry, Microsoft, but that's just flat-out stupid. In order to please the music industry, ostensibly so labels would agree to sell their music through the Zune Marketplace, Microsoft has taken an exciting idea and effectively neutered it. The way it should work: All files sold via the Zune Marketplace get the limit, but any files in the industry-standard MP3 format should be tradable. That's user-friendly, and it doesn't start from the presumption that Microsoft's customers are pirates.
As it is, the Zune isn't about users turning each other on to music they like. Instead, it's about users doing the music industry's marketing on its behalf.

Seems like the Universal Music Group controls Mr. Softy! Other than that, the review certainly suggests that Zune is a worthy iPod competitor. But you can't have too many "other than thats" when attacking market dominance.