Monday, November 06, 2006

Full Stern Ahead

Having decided to discontinue "Global Warming is Good" as I have not the time to devote to it at the moment, I still follow the events that surround the great climate change debate. The publication of the Stern Report brought out the inevitable "carbon-burning to get there" protests in Trafalgar Square (have these people nothing better to do?) but there has been precious little in the news to put Stern in his place. Ex-World Bank economist that he is, Stern has no scientific credentials and his study was commissioned by the UK Treasury, presumably as a vehicle to introduce green taxes.

I recommend Philip Stott's excellent blog on the subject. Required reading for all those who seek balance in a complex world. And here is another article worth reading, on the BBC website.

[Additional thoughts]

All this concern over the potential for "catastrophic" climate change has got to me! Why are people spending time, effort, money and natural resources going to protest about something that has yet to happen when there are a thousand problems already facing us and in urgent need of solutions. AIDS in Africa, TB on the rise, lack of water and electricity in many third world countries, social problems brought on by religious extremism to name just five.