Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lightroom Beta Feedback

There is a certain irony in this post. I just joined up with the forum for assisting Adobe with their Beta version of Lightroom. The whole idea of putting Lightroom out there in etherland before its publication date is to solicit ideas and problems from the general public, aka future users. This should mean that version 1 will already be a stable and desirable product, worth whatever it is that Adobe plans to charge.

And there, sitting on the forum, is a post from GovtLawyer, asking what will happen when the Beta software expires - will he be able to continue using the software? First of all, Mr. Government Lawyer, you downloaded free trial software. And part of the download included a software license agreement that explains what will happen. You didn't have to download the free trial and you don't have to use it. No-one is compelling you to.

It is quite amazing to me that not even lawyers read the small print these days!

But I did like one response: "What do you want, your money back?"