Saturday, November 18, 2006

Podcast Recommendations

There is a lot of choice out there and only so much time to listen. I am finding that the better podcasts tend to be short, or, if possible, I seek out podcasts that have sections so that those parts that are not of much interest can be skipped. Anyway, here are a few I enjoy:

The Engines of our Ingenuity must be one of the best short segment programs on radio. OK, I am biased by the fact that it comes from KUHF, Houston's public radio station. But we always enjoyed John Lienhard's entertaining but short science lessons when in Houston and now they are available as podcasts. To download these, it is best to obtain the link (basically copy the link from KUHF's website) and paste it into iTunes' subscribe dialog box. The latest will download immediately and the previous nine will be shown for available download.

NPR: Story of the Day is a short item chosen each day by NPR's editors. You never know what to expect and this is part of the delight of this podcast. As with just about everything done by NPR this is as professional as it gets in the podcast world. NPR have lots of other podcasts to choose from here.

The Daily Telegraph Podcast started out being pretty dreadful with journalists reading their stories but then they brought in a professional host and this livened up the proceedings no end. The podcast is sectioned so that individual segments can be skipped. Therefore, though it is a long podcast, it is easy to shorten the program!

Morning Becomes Eclectic is a rare gem in that it features occasional live sessions at KCRW Santa Monica's studio. Host Nick Harcourt has a transatlantic accent that doesn't quite give away his roots in Birmingham UK. He and his program have launched quite a few independent bands over the years. As with the other public radio station podcasts I like, you never quite know what to expect with each offering.

Just four recommendations for now. If you want to explore more, here is the best resource (in addition to the extensive list offered by NPR above):

Within iTunes, simply go to the Podcast Directory (click on the link at the bottom right of the Podcast screen). You will be taken to the iTunes store. Don't panic, most podcasts are free!

Next time I will recommend some video podcasts. . . .