Monday, December 04, 2006

Created in Birmingham

Introducing a brand new website, Created in Birmingham, a professional blog that, in the words of its editor/journalist/correspondent/interviewer/researcher:

will evolve with time. In order to deal with something as massive as “The Creative Community of Birmingham” I’m treating it rather like a travel journal as I explore this strange environment. At this stage my main areas of interest are as follows:

Who’s out there? What work is actually being done in Birmingham? And who are the people doing it? I want to put a human face to the portfolios and websites.

How do people do their work? What is it about Birmingham that helps or hinders creative people?

How do people come together? From informal collaborations to collectives to business forums. What’s the map of Creative Birmingham like?

How does Birmingham as a city relate to its creative community? What are the means of communication? What structures are in place? What aspects of the redevelopment are relevant? That sort of thing.

How could it be done better? That’s the big one. I don’t expect a comprehensive and objective answer any time soon, but aiming for one should be illuminating.

So far one item is up, an interview with digital fine artist Rob Youngson. This looks to be an interesting blog, definitely one for the Bookmarks Bar.