Monday, January 08, 2007

22nd Century Wins!

PBS Science is holding a competition with three science pilot programs vying for viewer acceptance. I have watched all three as they are available as video podcasts (accessed from iTunes) and have made my comments on iTunes.

One program, Science Investigators, is bad. So bad I am surprised it got past the internal censors of good taste that so often do a brilliant job at PBS! Fortunately I am not alone in thinking this and I doubt if the program will go beyond the pilot stage.

The choice between Wired Science and 22nd Century was less easy and, like other reviewers, I am inclined to want both programs in the line up. But if only one can win, then my vote is for 22nd Century because it not only presents science in a welcome, innovative fashion but also poses some of the difficult questions about what is acceptable science in modern society. It is, in other words, a thinking person's program. Wired Science, on the other hand, is a bit like a watered down NOVA.