Saturday, January 27, 2007

iPod Movie Playback on a UK TV

Our Sony TV is at least 25 years old - it still works fine so why replace it?

But it doesn't have any inputs other than the co-axial cable socket for an antenna. So yesterday we took the iPod and accessory analog video cable to a TV store (John Lewis) and asked if they would demonstrate it.

John Lewis are and have been for a long time a major retailer of Apple products so there was no problem from the salesperson. It took him a minute to plug in the iPod and then a further 30 seconds for me to adjust the video settings on the iPod - signal out, PAL, widescreen - and select a movie.

The results could not be called stunning but on the other hand we were not using H.264 high definition protocols which need a full digital connection (something the iPod doesn't have but is built in to modern Macs).

The experiment was more to test whether or not it is worth taking the iPod video cable on trips. I have noted that most modern hotel TVs do have the three RCA phono connections available.

For home use it looks as though the AppleTV (with HDMI protocols) will be the answer though how and when this will be introduced into the UK is another story.

We also asked about unlimited DVD Region players and John Lewis don't (won't?) sell them. As we have half our DVDs in Region 1 and the other half in Region 2 this is a key requirement. Regionalization of DVD compatibility is so stupid only a dinosaur industry could have thought it up in the first place. Globalization only works when "they" want it to, apparently.