Saturday, January 13, 2007


The name doesn't sound exactly English, does it? But then the reference books can't even explain its origin. Tardebigge is a village in Worcestershire, just west of Redditch and northeast of Bromsgrove. It is also on the southern edge of the Birmingham Plateau and as such is part of the impressive ridge that caused so many problems to those who built the canals and railways in Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Last Christmas we visited Hatton on the Grand Union Canal and previously we had been to various sections of the Stratford Canal, so today we decided to complete the triumvirate and go to Tardebigge. The Tardebigge Flight of 30 locks forms an impressive piece of nineteenth century canal building on the Worcester Birmingham Canal.
Bridge and Lock - Tardebigge
We parked at the British Waterways Yard at Tardebigge, just south of the Tardebigge Tunnel, and walked down the flight to the Queens Head near Bromsgrove. There we found a pub that has undergone an impressive transformation and had a couple of drinks and lunch. Thus fortified with Hereford Pale Ale and Calves Liver and Onions, we headed back up the flight, taking lots of photos which will eventually appear on Flickr. We then walked over the Tardebigge Tunnel hill, and finally drove into the village and had a look around the parish churchyard. The area is definitely recommended and we will be going back when the weather is sunny and bright.