Friday, March 09, 2007

Who's Going Up to the Premiership?

While Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal vie over winning the Premiership, the more exciting finish to the football (soccer) season is in the next division down, the Championship. Right now there are four Midlands teams in the top eight with three of them occupying 1 2 and 3. My own (bluenose) Birmingham City at the top (we just beat the Rams), Derby County second and West Brom third. Good old Wolves are in there with a chance.

So, what will be the outcome? Chatting with my friendly butcher earlier today (who is a Villain*) he admitted that it would be really great if Aston Villa could have some company in the Premiership. Of course, I am thinking that what he really means is that Villa need some teams up there they stand a chance of winning a game against! Anyway, I am not going to predict the outcome but I would really like to see the Blues and West Brom gain automatic promotion with the Wolves winning the play offs for the third place. Go Midlands!

(*Villain = Aston Villa fan)