Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deja Vu - Change of Equipment in Singapore

This is hard to believe! Singapore Airlines is one of the most respected and efficient of airlines with service that transcends what we seem to be capable of putting up with from other so-called national airlines. But here I am, in the airport lounge in Singapore, waiting for a change of equipment. The 747-400 we originally boarded has no brakes so I am back in the airport for a three hour delay.

What is slightly amazing is that the very same experience occurred to me here 30 years ago on a 747 flight from Singapore to London with the same carrier. Only then we took off before realizing there were no brakes and that resulted in a slightly longer delay as we had to dump fuel and land.

Now there is a moral to this entry. When you fly from the hub of an airline there is always the possibility that a spare plane will be available. That doesn't happen when you are a world away from the home base.

In defense of Singapore Airlines, let me say that they really couldn't soften the blow any more than they have. The airline generates an aura of politeness that hasn't changed over the years. Service still comes with a smile and no-one on their team lets the side down. Too bad they don't operate a service between London and Calgary!!!