Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Flood

Well, we returned to our home in Chipping Campden this morning, wondering what we would find. As it turned out, we had the best of situations - no not total dryness, that was already outside the range of possibilities - but about 4 inches of water ingress. Which meant the kitchen was OK and only the floors needed cleaning out. Even so, that took all day. The mud was the surprise as past experiences didn't seem to include much mud.

We have two oriental carpets that need major resucscitation (I know that is spelled wrong!) but otherwise the only thing we now need is warmth to dry out the remaining damp. So central heating in July.

Oh yes, the full length drapes managed to sup up a whole lot of flood water, so they are looking a little ragged.

Possibily the worst area for us was outside - more mud, far from glorious mud.

But spare a thought for neighbors who had up to 4 feet of water in their homes. Many are walking around zombie like, unable to comprehend that there is a future. Others who have recognized the future thing are slightly punch drunk at this stage, 48 hours into the post-flood scenario.

As I mentioned to several neighbors - remember, there is always someone worse off than you. It's a message easily accepted and it does ease the pain and uncertainty.