Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ban Drinking Alcohol in the Street?

The terrible events that seem to occur all too regularly in town and city across the UK, with honest citizens thoughtlessly killed by teenage gangs high on cheap alcohol and drugs, have spawned the usual defensive reactions from police and government.

"Raise the cost of alcohol", "Ban street drinking" are the latest cries from Cheshire while the Home Office in London says it will introduce new powers "next week". Too late for Mr. Newlove and his grieving family.

As usual, these "remedies" are supposed to be the answer to the problem, but surely the availability of cheap alcohol to minors, not to mention illegal drugs, is the real problem to be tackled.

The end result will be a general toughening of the laws as they relate to honest citizens while the thugs continue unabated with their wanton destruction of society. I suppose that standing outside a London pub in the summer evenings after a hard day's work will be banned, as will the café tables hopefully set out to garner custom from stay at home holiday makers who would like a glass of wine while watching the world go by.

Or are these images mere fantasy these days?