Saturday, August 25, 2007

The iPhone hack

Big news in North America, today covered by the BBC, is that a 17 year old has unlocked an Apple-AT&T iPhone. Good for him, seems like he could have a useful career if one of the large corporations could get it into their heads that he has real value on the inside!

But the story has gotten a little overblown. To quote the Beeb: "opening the way to Apple's iconic mobile telephone being used by non-US networks".

Consider this. The hack needs the use of a soldering iron, guitar pick and software manipulation. It takes about 2 hours and, in the case of the teen genius, a lot of caffeine. One slip with the soldering iron and it could easily go wrong, making a $500 to $600 investment worth nothing. Would you start out on this caper just to prove to yourself that you don't have to be tied in to AT&T? I thought not.

Personally I have yet to decide whether or not I even need an iPhone. The Motorola phone I do own is a piece of crapola. Colleagues have Blackberries with so many buttons my not so perfect eyesight could not possibly cope. The idea of having Safari on a cell phone does, however, intrigue me. But then there is the expected cost of owning one.

But this I do know - if I get one I certainly ain't gonna invalidate the warranty!