Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Nikon Cameras and Lenses

I was wondering why a professional photographer friend was flying to Tokyo this week! Turns out he knew something was in the air! Two new cameras, the D3 replacing the D2 and the D300 replacing the D200. As an owner of a D200, the D300 does not appear to be much of an advance, so I will let that one ride. What is exciting, however, is that the D3 has a near 35mm sensor format, meaning a new life for all those wonderfully redundant chunks of Nikon glass, like my 20mm f2.8 ultrawide.

But again, not all is hopeless and I don't have to spend thousands on a new camera body! The best news may be that Nikon has introduced a new wide angle DX zoom, the f2.8 14-24mm. This translates to a 35mm equivalent of 21-36mm and fills a much needed gap in the range. What I don't know is just how expensive this lens will be! But maybe I could trade in the 20mm prime to a new D3 owner!!!