Sunday, August 26, 2007

Surfing Calgary FM

Staying in a business oriented hotel over a weekend usually means sleepless nights - those Weekend Specials are perfect for wedding parties, reunions, etc. Tonight is no exception. But I am prepared. My iPod radio allows for some interesting musical exploration, earbuds installed, midnight coffee poured, so here we go:

Calgary's 96.9 FM "JACK" where "we play what we want".

Hard rock with some interesting mixes - David Bowie's "China Girl", Alannah Myle's "Still Got This Thing for You", Kim Mitchel "Patio Lanterns" (interesting!), Bachman-Turner Overdrive "You ain't seen nothing yet". Get the picture?

They have streaming if you want to check it out!

(Incidentally, the iPod FM tuner accessory is very, very good - if you happen to be in a good reception area)