Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Your View" on the Countryside

I have been following various "Your View" internet columns concerning the ongoing problems facing the countryside, the latest hit of which is, of course, the re-emergence of Foot and Mouth Disease.

I am gob-smacked by the attitudes of some people who clearly have no idea what the countryside is all about!

"Let the farmers go bust, we need to stop bailing them out every time they have a problem" seems to be a recurring theme. So let's analyze that.

Imagine all the farmland in this fair country was to cease to be cared for. Hmm. Fields? None. Hedges? Not really. Country roads? Impossible to drive down. Wildlife? Yes, plenty of wild life but not in balance any more. Food? Not much, if any. Tourism? Foget about it!

Somewhere along the way the concept that farmers are all whingers, whiners, spongers and generally useless leaches on society has gotten hold with city folk and they really believe it!!!!!!