Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Container Hotels

The hotel situation in Luanda, Angola is hopeless. Most hotels are fully (block) booked by companies and it can be impossible to obtain a room, even with some forward planning. On this last trip we were booked into a strange answer to the lodging crisis, a motel made up of converted shipping containers.
Luanda container motel
I stayed in a deluxe model with half a container welded on the side, in an "L" shape, to provide a decent shower room. Here is colleague Augie (short for Aghostino) the morning after and still smiling!
Container Motel, Luanda, Angola
The interior wasn't all that bad, though the mattress was very lumpy and, with no windows (only a false one) to open the room did seem a little claustrophobic.
Container bedroom
How much? $150 a night!