Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back in the Nanny State!

We arrived home from France last night, tired but well and truly recharged. And 108 bottles of good French wine should keep us in fine fettle during the winter months ahead.

But what do we find upon our return? This article sums up what we were missing in France. Yes, the nanny state! We don't smoke but we do understand that others do and as such have the right to smoke without being classed as "registered addicts"!

I will probably never use the correct letters on the keyboard but this is, simply, f***ing stupid!

And having got that off my normally conservative chest, let me observe that the jerk who proposed this idea is a Government consultant who probably gets paid far too much for thinking, even more for writing and speaking, and who then has the gall to suggest a £200 fee from each smoker that will cover his expenses and fill the Treasury coffers. By the way, he has other ideas on how to impose his ideas on you, so do take a look at the first link to get an idea of what is also being proposed.

You know, the French really do do things differently!