Wednesday, October 24, 2007


On our return from France we have discovered two garden statues have been nicked. Here is one of them, thoughtfully captured on Flickr some time ago:
Backyard Adonis
The other is shown here:
It carries quite a story even though it is only a piece of moulded concrete. When we moved into a townhouse in Houston ten years ago, we went looking for a garden statue but garden center after garden center could only offer religious statues and we wanted something a bit more interesting! Finally we found a small garden center in Montrose run by a very nice gay guy. The statuette subsequently followed us to our apartment, then into a container for shipment to England. Most recently it found a temporary home in our front yard. That is until some evil person took a shine to it while we were away.

So, if you should see either of these at a boot sale, please send us an e-mail with the details! I am quite sure the lady will be unique to this side of the pond.