Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rock'n'Roll Memories - 7 - Phil Collins

I am skipping a major event and moving on to the latter part of the 1980s when I got a renewed desire to see some stadium type acts. The one I am skipping will be the grand finale, worth waiting for, I hope!

The 1980s was a strange decade. It was all summed up by MTV and we had MTV on our cable box in Houston. The early days of the music video were good - the network seems to have gone downhill from that strong beginning. The most famous videos included tracks from The Cars, Dire Straits and Peter Gabriel to name three. Dire Straits had the ultimate MTV video, of course!

At this time - 1985 - Phil Collins was breaking out on his own from Genesis and had a strong album "No Jacket Required" which included several hit songs. The album was a hit and the inevitable stadium tour followed.

The Houston Summit, a basketball stadium and ice rink with poor acoustics but with the capacity for around 12,000, was the venue in those days for most stadium concerts. The one night stand was a sell out.

Collins - who I grew to like less and less as he "matured" - put on a grand show with two complete drum kits and a second drummer for when he got up to the front of the stage. The lighting was fantastic with a lot of synchronized lights to the beat that ineviatbly emanated from the two drum kits. I remember needing to go to the restrooms just as Sussudio started and rushing back out to see the splendid light show. The brass ensemble was excellent. But as good as the show seemed at the time, it was eclipsed by several other acts that followed in fairly rapid succession. Listening to Phil Collins today sends a shiver down my spine - he's such a whinger!

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