Friday, November 16, 2007

Rock'n'Roll Memories - 8 - Rod Stewart

Back in the 1960s I had the fortunate opportunity to see and recognize Rod Stewart before he was famous - see here. Twenty years or so on I went to the Houston Summit to see how he had progressed!

As mentioned in the last memory post, the Summit seated about 12,000 with the stage set at one end. This concert was a sell out. Rod Stewart was undergoing a bit of a renaissance with recent albums representing his "middle years". That is not to say that he didn't do some of the early numbers, for they were very much a part of the repertoire.

Judging from the wikipedia entry, the concert must have been around 1983/4. I have to say that I find the wiki description of this part of his career as being more negative than it probably should be.

The performance was full of energy. The inevitable kicking of soccer balls into the audience came near the end of the concert (none came our way!) but no guests appeared as was seen on the video of the concert tour when Tina Turner did a duet of "Hot Legs"! Compared to Phil Collins the concert was a much more personal affair - less glitz, more emphasis on the songs. A very enjoyable evening.

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