Monday, January 14, 2008

Booking Train Tickets Offline

Just spent an hour booking a single rail journey! The following obstacles were negotiated:

Internet bookings no longer accept overseas credit cards - is the UK tourist industry entering terminal decline?

Sunday January 20th - rail strike on First Great Western, not taking bookings at all

Sunday January 20th - major work on Southwest Trains, 2 hour bus journey between Andover and Woking. Declined (it's a terribly slow service anyways)

Third alternative - Cross Country to Birmingham, Birmingham to London (two sides of a triangle). Booked.

Big surprise, Arriva Cross Country actually has helpful staff once you get past the voice activated "which station did you want to leave?" question.

Bigger surprise - the two sides of a triangle run may be longer but the price is the same!

Unknowns - will it work?