Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Good Night and Good Luck

I have finally been able to watch this movie. I had hoped to see it at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham, the oldest surviving movie theater in the UK and the sort of place where such a period piece would be most fitting - do visit their website to see why I mention this!

As to the movie. Excellent! The acting, screenplay and camerawork are all top notch. The film noire black and white medium gives the movie its 1950s look while the contemporary sets are superb, right down to the chain smoking! The film clips from the era, particularly those of McCarthy, are sometimes hard to tell from the actual scenes shot for the film - only the quality of the photography keeps them apart.

The message is of course as timely today as at any time, what with the neo-cons and the weapons of mass destruction rationale for going to war in Iraq. But perhaps what is also pertinent is that all this happened on CBS, a.k.a. commercial TV. Would it, could it have happened with the BBC if a similar situation had occurred in the UK?