Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Macworld Keynote - First Impressions

I've only followed the blogs and not seen the keynote quicktime so these are initial reactions:

1. Apple TV - for an Apple TV afficionado this is all good news, right down to the free software update for those of us who believed from the outset. Truth is, though, that this feature of the keynote will be lost on most people for at least three months. Then they will say "doh!".

2. iPhone - no news, and why should there be? AT&T has already given the timeline for 3G. If you haven't got an iPhone yet, simply wait 6 months more if you can (if you can't, go ahead, but you may regret that later).

3. Time Capsule - the idea of a 1 TB back drive attached to an Airport Extreme makes so much sense it hurts. Why does it hurt? See 4.

4. MacBook Air - the big deal of week 3 of 2008. Wow, what a concept! But for me? Not really. I'll probably save up for the MacBook Pro version as my only computer. MacBook Air kinda assumes you have a desktop lurking somewhere (which we don't need). Plus the MacBook Air only has a USB 2.0 port. NO FIREWIRE!!!!!!! With all those wonderful Firewire drives around the house we are apparently part of the "old technology". Gee, thanks, Apple! Win one with Apple TV, lose one with Firewire. Progress is never that simple.

5. The analysts will be wondering where the future lies. Simple. Apple TV has tremendous dollar potential. You make so many dollars selling hardware, so many dollars selling software upgrades and so many dollars selling content. Apple TV is content. It's the next phase of the iPod Revolution. Believe me, this is significant stuff!