Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Oak and the Ivy

OK, it sounds like the name of a pub but in reality this is a subject for debate. At this time of year our fine oak trees are bare of leaves and give that wonderful latticed silhouette against the winter sky.

Well, almost bare. Most oak trees and many other arborial species seem to be choked with ivy with long and thick creepers of green leaves smothering their trunks and main limbs.

Some say the ivy needs to be cleared away so that these trees can be saved from early demise. Others say that the ivy gives protection to bugs and birds and should be left in place.

I tend to to lean toward the first group, primarily because these really fine trees that make up the quintessential British countryside need to be preserved. Ivy can grow on lesser saplings and in hedges. Oak trees don't come a-dime-a-dozen.

Well today I followed my leanings and cut the main stems to the ivy that is smothering our oak tree.

Picture to follow (it's dark at the moment!)