Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thoughts on Barack Obama

I like Barack Obama. There is something Kennedy-esque about his personality even though the platitudes he incorporates into his oratory do make you wonder just how deep he really goes.

As I get older I should like the candidates with experience as they tend to be of my generation (or older in some cases!) But older candidates generally seem to be old school, steeped in the status quo of Washington. The grass roots will always favor the non-status quo characters such as Obama and Ron Paul. So I wonder aloud why it is that Obama has gotten to me.

And perhaps this is the reason. Of all the candidates he is the one I would most welcome into my home. I would feel comfortable and I am sure he would too. I really cannot say the same about most of the other candidates.

Today we learn that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the come back kid in New Hampshire, the state where her husband also scored surprisingly well despite setbacks emanating from exposure about his character flaws. What does this say about Obama and Clinton? Was Iowa a flash in the pan? Will Clinton now go from strength to strength? Of the two who could actually win the election?

Well, this is what I think might happen. John Edwards may recognize he is losing out and could throw the towel in and support the candidate who would be most likely to have him as a running mate. That person would appear to be Obama. An Obama/Edwards tickets could carry the country in November. I am not sure that Hillary Clinton could, regardless of her choice of running mate.

The Republicans have a long way to go to convince the voters of their best candidate, but whoever it will be, my guess is that he will have an easier time against Clinton than anyone else. After all, there is such a thing as the anti-Clinton vote!