Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Apple TV Upgrade

Earlier today I linked to Macworld's first experience with Apple TV Take 2.  This evening I upgraded my unit.  I won't go into too much detail since a few pictures are worth thousands of words.  But as an intro, the first comment I should make is that the process was easy and, wait for it, absolutely FREE!

With the Apple TV connected to the internet (mine has a direct ethernet link  with no wireless) I simply asked if there was an upgrade and after a minute the screen said "yes, upgrade now or later?"  I selected now and my slow internet connection began to download the upgrade file(s).  It told me I would have to wait about 35 minutes so I had dinner (well, dinner was waiting so I had to eat it!).

Then I began the upgrade process and decided to snap a few "screen shots" along the way.  Here they are, direct from Flickr.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger version on my Flickr page.

Apple TV Upgrade - 1
This was taken during the first reboot.  I think it actually re-booted three times.

Apple TV Upgrade - 2
While I was waiting for the erratic progress bar to progress, I took a photo of the set up - 26" LCD Sony, Panasonic DVD/VCR Recorder (unlocked for all regions!) and the Apple TV on the right.

Apple TV Upgrade - 4
Then the flashy opening screen begins. . . .
Apple TV Upgrade - 5
and it gets quite impressive!
Apple TV Upgrade - 6
Until the pseudo-moirée effect really kicks in, reminding me of the Birmingham Bull Ring "Blob" a.k.a. Selfridges

Apple TV Upgrade - 8
Just a couple of seconds to go. . . .

Apple TV Upgrade - 9
And here's the main menu!

It really is simplicity itself.  Compared to the average TV menu system (ugh!) it is a joy to navigate with the ridiculously small Apple Remote.

As I get to play with this menu system I'll report some more, but I did try a couple of things, including accessing my Flickr account.  Now this would be really incredible if I had a decent internet connection!