Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Buzzard and the Barney

A couple of photographic projects for 2008

1.  The Buzzard

We have a neighbor - a beautiful brown buzzard that hunts all manner of creatures.  A couple of months ago I saw it with a full grown pigeon grasped in its claws.  Often seen in the valley, I went looking this morning for signs of where it might be found and:
Evidence of Raptors
As explained in the caption for this photograph I intend to apply the experience of studying brown pelicans along the Texas Gulf Coast.  Only when I really understood their flight patterns was I able to take good shots, such as this one, taken lying on my back on top of a sand dune at Padre Island National Seashore:
Brown Pelican

2.  The Barney

No, not the purple dinosaur!  This is the long gone Taunton-Barnstaple branch line of the Great Western Railway.  This railway line was built and opened in 1873 and closed as part of the Beeching Axe in 1966.  Not much remains but what does needs to be chronicled, so I have been researching the eastern part of the line with modern and ancient maps, Google Earth and Shank's Pony.  The photographic results will be found in this set, and eventually there will be a feature on the main site.  Here is a shot of the partly dissembled Tone Viaduct:
Tone Viaduct