Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flickr on AppleTV

It works!  Not only can you view your own sets, you can also view any set from your list of contacts.  Various settings are available - I disabled the default Ken Burns effect and have opted not to have music, both settings being easily modified.  The slideshow duration can be modified but my download speed is much slower than the 2 second minimum!

To add a contact you type in the name on the rather slow onscreen keyboard using the Apple Remote.  This is then saved so it doesn't need to be typed again.  Then up comes the contact's list of sets and away you go!  I added Pete Ashton (remembering to enter the space, it doesn't work otherwise, even though peteashton is in the URL) and was able to view a set of his New Zealand photos almost straight away.  Color and detail are excellent on the HD screen.

Of course, there are limitations - this is not interactive Flickr but a passive viewing capability.  It would be nice to be able to do more but I rather think the simplicity aspect of the Apple Remote is the problem.

But if you Google the words "Apple patent remote" you can surf through a few ideas that may turn up at the next Macworld expo.  Universal remotes and other wireless options will arrive sooner rather than later.