Thursday, February 14, 2008

Microsoft and mediocrity

Last night I downloaded three large PowerPoint files, each between 40 and 50 MB.  They had been ftp'd to me.  No doubt created on a Windows machine, it was with no real surprise that two of the files crashed my Office Mac version of PowerPoint.  It happens more often than not.

So what to do?  The simple solution is to open the files in Apples' iWork Keynote.  With very few exceptions the import is flawless.  The exceptions don't crash the software, in fact it is then possible to save the .key file as a .ppt file which will then open in PowerPoint without crashing!!!

Microsoft has had years and years to bring out improvements to PowerPoint but it hasn't.  I suppose the people in Redmond believe they don't have to, what with their belief and trust in world domination.  Truth is, even companies like Apple (and I say even because Apple can be uppity at times) can run rings round Microsoft despite having a fraction of the user base.

Mediocrity is such a waste of talent.

Assuming Microsoft actually has talent.

Other than the talent to make pots of money.

OK, enough already.