Friday, February 15, 2008

TV Show Downloads onto AppleTV

My latest report on AppleTV Take 2 relates to logging on and purchasing (not renting) TV shows.  I selected a set of five Biography documentaries entitled "Great Inventors and Explorers".  $5.99 plus tax makes each one cost about $1.25 each.  And no commercials to interrupt the 45 minute long shows!

AppleTV then asked me to enter my Apple ID and password, which I did.  The downloads started immediately and continued overnight.  This morning I checked and the screen announced "Marco Polo ready to watch".  The other four shows were also downloaded.
Next I connected my iPod to my PowerBook and synchronized the purchased shows to the dedicated iTunes hard drive.  I also copied the files onto my iPod.  The Apple Extreme moved the data at around 2.6MB/sec which is impressive!  Here is a screen shot of the synchronization:

So, another step along the road to completely understanding what AppleTV can do.  There is some trial and error in all this because other than the Apple video I have not found any reference manuals for take 2.  The software is intuitive but I have to think that I am missing something along the way!