Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dinner at the Natural History Museum

On Thursday evening I was invited to join a client's table at the Geological Society's Petroleum Group Dinner, a fine black tie event staged in the Central Hall of the Natural History Museum, shown here in a stunning HDR image by Robert Silverwood.

Our table of ten was located under the tail of Diplodocus, , so we were in the thick of things but with no chance of a coprolite landing on our table just as the main course was being served.

The company was great, the food excellent.  One possible criticism - the acoustics are terrible!  But then why would a building dedicated to fossils and minerals need to have good acoustics?

As a geologist I came away with the realization that the NHM is the cathedral of geology, the Vatican, if you like, for the disciples of evolutionary theory, of plate tectonics, of organic geochemistry.  A hallowed place indeed.