Saturday, March 15, 2008

In search of a Legacy

Tony Blair refuses to disappear from the world stage.  Cynics say that, with a large mortgage on his London property, he can't afford not to.  The search for a legacy that couldn't be contrived after ten years as Prime Minister goes on.  First it was the Middle East.  That didn't seem to work.  Next there was the banking industry with fat cat consulting jobs to coincide with the sub-prime collapse.  That doesn't seem to be working.

So now he is embarking on another crusade, one that is quite familiar to him - global warming.

And the most preposterous idea yet - get the UN involved in fighting climate change!

The UN couldn't fight its way out of a brown paper (no, change that to plastic) bag.  It is the most inefficient of organizations, funded from a distance and because of that able to spend itself silly bolstering up the economies of countries like D R Congo while raping their children and being chauffeured from one meeting to another in air-conditioned buses.

Back to Tony Blair.  No doubt he's looking to join the UN gravy train; the funding would help to pay his mortgage while tilting at windmills in the modern age would be seen to be a lot more politically correct than in Don Quixote's time.

Legacy, must find that legacy. . . .