Sunday, March 23, 2008

Phone Companies need to be History

And I don't care whether they are land or cell, they all deserve to die.  Except maybe for MTN Congo, my lifeline to the rest of the world when in Pointe Noire.

BT, a.k.a. Bullshit Telephone, the company that thinks it knows what I want but never delivers.  Anything.

The Cell Phone Companies.  My god what a crew.  Apple should never have made all those national deals with the devil's daughters for the iPhone.  Big mistake.  I can buy an iPhone in the UK but I can't register with O2.  Why?  No UK bank account for a direct debit.  Result, no iPhone even though I crave for one like a post-modern consumerist (which I'm not, honest!)

I just hope there's a new player on the block.  No, Skype won't work for me as we are on the end of the DSL tether to the internet, the telephone entry point being approximately 17,499 measured units from the DSL sub-station.

The truth is, although I hold cell phone companies accountable for a lot, it is probably the government auctions that have spiraled costs and created the monsters we now have to live with.  Another stealth tax that doesn't even appear on the bill.