Saturday, March 15, 2008

Six Nations Observations

So here I am in Africa, watching the Six Nations Rugby, France vs Wales, the perfect finale to an interesting tournament.  With five minutes to go it looks like Wales is winning and the choir is at full strength.  Well done Wales!

Sadly the previous two games were not televised by Canal+.  Australian Rules seems to be more popular.  Quite why I don't know.  Probably those Parisian program directors who don't know what Rugby is!  (For the uninitiated, French rugby is not well represented in the capital but is a provincial affair being centered around Toulouse, Perpignan and Bezier).

As an Apple fan I am pleased to see the Welsh management team are very much into Apple computers.  Is that why they are winning?  Maybe, maybe not!

Even as I type the score is increasing in Wales' favor and the singing is getting louder.  29-12.