Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sending e-mails from different locations around the world can be frustrating when there are firewalls and other impediments to a "strange" computer on the network.  But when your own mail server lets you down as well, as BT-Yahoo did on Friday, things get a whole lot more frustrating.  I do have backup with a .mac account but that e-mail address is not the one I use for business, etc.

BT-Yahoo proved to be impossible to contact.  The BT part offers no telephone numbers to call (except to sell you things and they are closed for the weekend) while Yahoo's log-in system has my Flickr password as the default which is not what I gave BT three years ago.

So I researched the internet and found  Not as cheap as BT-Yahoo, perhaps, but actually much more reliable, it would appear, and the help line was open over the Easter weekend.  The good news it works, which is all I ask of it.

My next problem will be to cancel the BT-Yahoo service.  That could prove to be a lot less easy.  Can anyone provide me with their phone number?