Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dead Dinosaurs and the Asteroid

Once again we read that one Asteroid killed off all the dinosaurs.  While it is true that a large asteroid probably did finish them off, it is hardly true to suggest that without that asteroid they would have continued to flourish.  By the end of the Cretaceous the dinosaur was already on its way out having specialized to the point that it could not cope with change - the darkening of the skies after the asteroid's impact was enough to cause a global winter.  It was the inability to cope with this change that killed of the dinosaurs, not the asteroid per se.

There is surely a moral for Homo sapiens here.  Even as the politicians deny change so we are pricing ourselves out of the global economy.  No asteroid needed for us, just a bunch of hot-heads preaching doom and gloom without fully understanding the implications.

I am reminded of a plaque in the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta that supports my contention above.  "Species come and species go.  The only constant in life on Earth is change"