Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Global Warming vs Global Hunger

This article says what I've been going on about for some time.  Apparently even the UN is getting concerned.  Based on my observations in Kinshasa, that may not be a good thing:  their concern costs you and me a lot of money.

What is most interesting about this article is the tenor of the huge number of comments.  Whether the politicians like it or not there is a huge undercurrent of opinion that is firmly and squarely opposed to the politics of global warming.  How this undercurrent will become mainstream remains to be seen.  It may take some time which implies the potential for a great deal of discomfort and death in poorer countries while the politicians play their games.

I find it interesting that when in Africa the subject of global warming politics rarely figures in conversation.  Believe it or not, Africans have more important things to worry about.  Perhaps that's the trouble with the so-called developed world - we think we don't have any problems and so allow people like Al Gore to invent them for us.