Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gordon Brown's Mosquito Nets

On the face of it this report looks and sounds very good.  20 million mosquito nets at £10 a piece sounds a lot and I think the price is actually very steep but in reality it is a drop in the ocean of malaria containment.  Prevention will require more than netting.  Education on how mosquitos breed would be money better spent in the long run.  Malaysia did this thirty years ago so there is a precedent.

But none of this is why I have written this post.  It irks me that the first paragraph reads, and I quote:

Gordon Brown has appeared on the US talent show American Idol to promise to buy 20 million mosquito nets for malaria-hit countries.

Truth is, I don't think Gordon Brown has £200 million in his bank account!  What the report really says, of course, is that the UK Government, a.k.a. the British Taxpayer, is buying the mosquito nets.  Typical political grandstanding which simply should not be allowed to go uncommented.  Media, where are you?