Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Napoli Report

The BBC announced this morning that an official report on the Napoli is out and available for download here as a pdf file.

Napoli in the Evening Sunshine

I must admit to being somewhat disappointed to find out that the report only concerns itself with the ship and not with the environment into which the ship was purposely placed for what has now been sixteen months.  No mention of the ship having been beached on a world heritage coast (a.k.a. The Jurassic Coast) and no mention of why that decision was taken.

In fact, by stressing that the structural integrity of twelve other vessels is similarly weak the report seems to be trying to add weight to the fact that the beaching was necessary.  What they appear to fail to mention (and I admit to having only scanned the report, not reading every word) is that the crack in the hull would not easily break when controlled explosives were applied as part of the salvage operation.  In other words, some of the photos of damage may not be that relevant as they could be the result of several attempts at blowing the ship into two.

While the report is probably not a cover up, its conclusions can be taken that way.  Once the last of the ship is removed I am sure the entire episode will quietly "float off into the sunset".

The Napoli and the Beach