Friday, May 30, 2008


For the past week I have been suffering from acute bronchitis.  It's not the first time and it does seem to have a pattern.

A couple of years ago I stayed in a hotel in Luanda where they were cleaning the air-conditioning ducts.  Luanda is a dusty place anyway, so the added dust and potential mold spores only made things worse.  Also, having replaced the filters, the blast of cold air exceeded what would be necessary to freeze a side a beef.  All in all a recipe for infection and bronchitis.

Much the same thing happened a week ago.  As I checked out of the hotel in Kinshasa I noticed a sign apologizing for ongoing work replacing the fans in the room air-conditioners.  I didn't think much of it at the time but on reflection that must have been the beginning of this bout of bronchitis.  Ugh!

I consulted, the best online source of medical information, and can confirm that I don't have bacterial bronchitis (yellow/green sputum) so it's just a matter of keeping the 101ºF temperature under control with Disprin and lubricating my throat with Benylin.  Except that I would have liked it to go away as quickly as possible and it hasn't!