Friday, May 02, 2008

Global Warming "delayed"

I saw this a few days ago and kept a mental note to discuss it at length.

The huge number of comments below the article once again demonstrate that Joe Public feels that the whole man-made global warming scenario is a big con, a vehicle to allow for new taxation policies by governments who want to exercise "control" over their citizens.  The few who cry "false alarm" rely on the "fact" that the world's eminent scientists must be correct in their assessment (as one put it, crossing their t's and dotting their i's).

The interesting part of this story concerning a group of (eminent) scientists who believe there will be a natural feedback which will stall global warming for ten years is that many ordinary people perceive this as yet another trick to avoid admitting that the science may be flawed.  And to a large extent I suggest that the public is right.  The scientists have done their best and admitted the uncertainties.  The politicians, on the other hand, have seen the results but have not understood the statistics (even though they are the best at twisting statistics to suit their purpose) or have pretended simply not to understand the statistics.  The environmental taxes and other constraints on society are simply too good to ignore.

The problem with this sort of politicking is that sooner or later the truth will out.  And to some extent the publication of doubting scientist's views help to undermine the politicians' position.  At the expense of the reputation of a good many eminent scientists who have themselves been conned into supporting the politicians.

What may now come to pass is that the very proclaimers of global warming will start to look and talk like those of us who they labeled the "deniers".  This crossover of public opinion will hardly help the debate.