Tuesday, May 06, 2008

L'écluse de Fonsérannes

L'écluse de Fonsérannes is a major tourist attraction these days and is also a World Heritage Site.  Located on the Canal du Midi, the flight of large locks raises the canal from the valley of the River l'Orb west of Beziers up to a level which can be maintained without locks for a considerable distance.  The flight of locks is in daily use and has been modernized with electrically operated gates and an interesting double lock procedure that speeds up the transfer as well as providing a spectacle for onlookers.  Basically the boats travel up the flight two chambers at a time, using the skill of both skipper and lockmaster to get the timing just right.
L'Ecluse de Fonseranes 1
There are lots of photos on Flickr; this photo is the first in the series.  Most of the images follow the progress of the training vessel Langon up the flight.  In addition there are a few photos of the nearby impressive Beziers Aqueduct over the l'Orb.