Thursday, May 08, 2008

NIMBY Oil Exploration Ltd.

I think there should be an oil company floated on the London Stock Exchange called NIMBY Oil Exploration Ltd.  They should then apply to drill in the back gardens of the homes of all the environmental "activists" and "experts" who also just happen to rely on oil to get them to and from their places of work and sundry demonstrations against the oil industry.

Strong stuff, eh?  Well, we are all NIMBY's at heart, I suppose, and so it is no surprise that people will be complaining about an application to drill for oil on England's South Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).  The area already has some small oil discoveries and even smaller production facilities that unfortunately haven't provided much of a bonanza for the investors, never mind the community.  So it should be no surprise that another application has been lodged and, perhaps, it is also less of a surprise that the authorities may be granting permission - they have the precedent for doing so.

This comes hot on the tail of a comment I received the other day from my farmer neighbor.  As I was leaving for Africa and another tour of work he asked me how the work was progressing - his own diesel bills are climbing fast and the price he gets for his cattle hasn't.  In this day and age of "food miles" you would think the environmentalists would be all for finding oil in the "back yard".  But it's so much more convenient to have the oil fields somewhere else, isn't it?

[Comments welcome as always, but first please note that the UK's largest onshore field is located next to Brownsea Island in Poole Bay - I offer this gem of information to stop the ranting that otherwise may develop!]