Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Omnibologist targeted as terrorist and/or pedophile!

This article says much about where we, as a society, are heading. An Omnibologist is simply a bus-spotter, a different sort of "anorak" from the train-spotter but just as harmless. Now one lifelong bus-spotter is hanging up his camera and notebooks due to police inquiries about his hobby. He is a suspected terrorist and/or pedophile for photographing a bus.

As a youth, in the age range 12 to 15, I was an avid train-spotter. Other than a few escapades involving trespass inside locomotive "sheds" I think the entire period can be encapsulated in the phrase "a healthy interest". So much better than hanging for hours around shopping malls, wouldn't you think?

Of course the problem perceived by so many in society today is that we are "supposed" to grow out of such interests (I seriously wish I hadn't as I would now have a fantastic photographic record of the end of steam in the UK). So older men taking photographs of buses now appear to be potential pedophiles!

The bottom line appears to be simple - the UK's involvement in anti-terrorism tactics brought on by a gung-ho attitude to save the world from Islamic extremism is affecting the simplest, most naive of hobbies enjoyed by honest, law-abiding people.

So next time you see an omnibologist, be nice to him.