Sunday, July 27, 2008

Focalplane Features

The new, simpler website still needs tweaking. There are the usual broken links to fix. But I am also reformatting the written travel/hiking/railroad features as blog posts and then placing a link in the sidebar. This is not so much for the historical value as to make future features easier to write and publish. Older posts will also be easier to search for and comment on. Conformity is always a good thing! I have found that Blogger has made me html-lazy and Adobe's GoLive is simply too cumbersome a lump of application to be useful as an occasional user.

The point here is that, although blogging tends to be thought of as a diary, there is no reason why pieces of more permanent value shouldn't be written as a part of the blog and then "lifted" out from the diary as a feature within the sidebar.

There is a problem, of course, with all those historical links. So I will need to leave the old feature format on the server with an invitation to visit the new format.

Some of the galleries have been made using Adobe's Lightroom. But I am not sure I am staying with Lightroom. Apple's Aperture was recently awarded a 5 mouse rating and it does seem to be better integrated with Apple's own suite of software. So for the time being the galleries will stay the way they are.

And then there is the search facility using labels. Older posts don't have labels so they are not easily found. Drudgery to be sure, but something to do when I am truly bored with life (which means it may never happen).